Deltacron: What do we know about the new mutation that has appeared in Cyprus?

New mutation Corona virus By name DeltacronSeems to have been located at Crete.

Dr. Professor of Biological Sciences, University of Cyprus. Leondios Gostrigis.

Dr. who spoke with the Cypriot channel Sigma Live. Gostrikis said he had identified 25 cases and that those strains seemed to have a genetic background to the delta change.

“We see a significant number of variations identified only at Omigron, which differ from other strains because its gene contains 30 different variants. Of these, 10 species of Omicron have been identified in the events we found in Cyprus.” There is international interest … “,” he said.

He explained, “Of the 25 patients diagnosed with the new mutation, 11 were hospitalized and 14 were related to the general population. The incidence of the new mutation was higher in inpatients than in outpatients.

Dr. Kostrikis said it was named because it was about Delta and Omigron executives. “Such mutations have been reported, but have not been identified in any country.”

Finally, about its contagious nature, Drs. Kostrikis says it remains to be seen whether this will be a success for Omigran and Delta, but according to his own analysis, he hopes the new executive will be able to replace Omigran.

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