‘It’s going to be a bumpy ride’

County gravel roads are in peril

At the June 16 county commission meeting, residents from Torrey Lake Township met with the board to express their concerns with the condition of the gravel roads in their area and find out when the county might be getting down to fix them. Torrey Lake Township is located in the southeastern corner of Brule County.

“There’s a terrible amount of bad holes that are causing a lot of trouble with vehicles,” resident Trent Strand stated.

Chairman James Nesladek, a former highway superintendent for Brule County, responded, “They will get to them as they get to them, they can only do so much in a week’s time-they try to get to the worst parts first and then keep going around-they’re jumping all over the county-not just staying in certain areas.”

Resident Bob Westre said he goes out once in awhile with his box scraper and tries to pull the shoulders in to level them, but said the roads are ‘just soup.’

Ruth Lomica, who lives near 264th Street, said that road has been under water since last September. She said the detours have been a real burden and she is concerned for the safety of her neighbors, “We have some people in the community with compromised health, and if an ambulance were called, I’m not sure they could get there.”

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