Are you a WW II Veteran?

World War II was a pivotal time in the history of the US. While the US was coming out of the Great Depression and finally getting back on our feet, we were attacked on Dec 7, 1941. President Roosevelt called that date, “a date that will live in infamy”. Shortly after the attack, the US declared war on Japan after which Germany and Italy declared war on the US and England then declared war on Japan.

The United States’ involvement lasted until August 14, 1945 when Japan surrendered unconditionally. The signing of the surrender papers was completed on Sept 2, 1945 and officially ended World War II. Over a period of approximately 45 months, the number of Americans who served during World War II was 16.1 million plus. On average, the American serviceman served for 16 months overseas. The US suffered 291,227 casualties during the war. The average age of an American GI was 26. Today the average age of these veterans in 92.

The Aurora/ Brule County Veteran Service Officer is attempting to locate any remaining World War II veterans in either county.

If you are or you know someone who is a World War II veteran, please contact the Veteran Service Officer. The Aurora County phone number is (605) 942-7150. The Brule County Office is (605) 234-4433


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