Board approves decrease in Capital Outlay funding

Mil levy requests for 2018 were discussed at the Monday night school board meeting. Business Manager Holly Nagel informed the board that the district has always requested the maximum mil levy for General Fund, Special Ed, and Capital Outlay.

If the district requested the maximum mil levy 2.608 per thousand for Capital Outlay it would only increase about $84,000. Board President Casey Hutmacher suggested the board reduce the levy request for this year so that the fund remains the same as 2017.

“Ag communities are going to be suffering and this is something we could cut back expenses for them by not taking the maximum levy,” said Hutmacher.

Keith Reuer was supportive of lowering the mil levy request for Capital Outlay but wanted individuals to understand taxes may still go up.

“It’s possible that taxes could still to up due to land valuations. But without this reduction, taxes would be guaranteed to go up,” said Reuer.

Jim Anderson also offered his support for reducing the levy request, “Realistically, it is a nice gesture to not increase taxes in a year when you don’t need to.”

The board approved the mil levy request to be reduced to about 2.440 mill levy or approximately $1.66 million which will result in a slight decrease to the Capital Outlay compared to last year.

Rocky Almond and Rick Pearson presented the scores from the Smarter Balance testing. Almond informed the board that the scores for CES in Language Arts were up from last year and higher than the state average by 5.8 points. The Math scores went down by 5 points for the school but are still ahead of the state average.

Both Almond and Pearson informed the board that the Smarter Balance scores are not the only criteria to judge how well students are learning.

“Smarter balance tests are a quick screen shot of where our kids are on a given day,” said Pearson “I want to do what’s best for our students and it may not be reflected in these test scores.”

Blum asked why the football field lights weren’t turned on for the first middle school football game and was informed that only Athletic Director Todd Palmer knew how to turn on the lights at that time and wasn’t available for that game. Nagel assured the board that more people know how to turn them on now.

The White House auction resulted in a no bid/no sale. The board discussed options on how to liquidate the building. It was decided to run an ad in the paper for ten days and any interested parties can contact the business office with any offer.

The bids for the sixth grade classrooms were opened and the bid was awarded to the Tellinghuisen Construction Company out of Willow Lake, SD. The base bid for the project came in at $930,000. Three alternatives are included with the bid as well. Alternative 1 is for finishing the south hall for $28,000, alternative 2 is for an additional door to the outdoor classroom for $10,000 and the last alternative was to repaint the underside of the East canopy for $2,400. With the alternatives added in the total cost of the project is $970,400. The original estimate for the project was 1,070,000. The board awarded the contract to Tellinghuisen.

In other business the board:

•Changed the next board meeting to Oct 10 at 7:00 pm.

•Approved the following board policies: Conflict of Interest Disclosure and Authorization Policy-CSDAH, Board Member Conflict of Interest –CSD-BBFA, and Criminal Background Checks – CSD-GCDB.

•Approved the out of state travel for FFA to attend the national convention in Indianapolis, Indiana on Oct 24-29.


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