Positive News about Omicron and Infection: Two Studies

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Moderate confidence has been recorded in two new scientific studies focusing on the omega-3 variant of the corona virus.

The first comes from Boston General Hospital, where the director of the International Epidemiology Agency said the new variant would begin to decline by the end of January and that the overall picture of the epidemic would improve by March.

While the new corona virus variant does not require a separate vaccine, research also presents positive status data.

Key results of the study:

  • Delta has completely disappeared from Massachusetts and 100% positive cases are about Omigron.
  • The wave will reach its peak after January 10 – 21 and will follow a rapid downward trend for four weeks.
  • Normalcy will return in March
  • Omigron is highly contagious, but is present in the upper respiratory tract and is not associated with the lungs.
  • A special vaccine for Omicron is not necessarily considered because it disappears before it is produced, while its spread can significantly increase overall immunity.
  • Covit-19 will be added to the other four corona viruses already being treated. It can even turn into a childhood disease that mainly affects young children who are not immune.
  • 40% of victims will be asymptomatic.

The first “ray of light”?

Guardian’s second study shows that Omigron could be the starting point for turning Covid-19 into a local virus.

According to Mike Tiltsley, a member of the Scientific Epidemiology Committee on Modeling (Spi-M) and a professor at the University of Warwick, Omicron could be a sign that there may be less radical variation in the future. Normal cold.

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The British scientist said that Covid would eventually become localized with the appearance of an even less radical variant. Of course, he warned that they had not reached this stage, but insisted that Omicron may be the first positive sign.

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