Locals attended KWL basketball games

Locals attended KWL basketball games

Highland/ Wilbur News

Monday evening Gayle Skluzak went to Woonsocket to watch Madison and Hudson Heath and Summer Skluzak play basketball. Tuesday and Thursday Dick and Gayle attended games in Kimball to watch Madison Heath and Summer Skluzak play.

Duane and Sheryn Ekstrum attended the girls’ basketball games Tuesday when they defeated Sanborn County/Woonsocket and Thursday when they defeated Gregory. The boys defeated Sanborn County/ Woonsocket Tuesday in a double-header.

Loey and Leo Lingemann were Thursday overnight guests in the John and Jill Ekstrum home.

Don and Norma Husman hosted the Neighborhood Card Club Sunday evening for Darold and Carol Thomas, Larry and Dorothy Dorwart, Roger and Myrna Mentzer, Lois Sinkie, Leonard Thomas, and Duane and Sheryn Ekstrum.

Garry and Maxine Leiferman and Duane and Sheryn Ekstrum played pinochle Monday evening in the Dale and Elaine Stanek home.

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