The German pedophile was “30 minutes away” from where it went missing

A reversal seems possible In the case of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann And the indictment against the main suspect, German Pedopil, collapsed Christian Brigner, British researchers claim to have discovered the alibi for him 44 years old.
In particular, Brigner claims to have been “30 minutes away” From the resort Priya da Lus In Portugal, the night a four-year-old girl went missing. That is recalled Of the little model In 2007, while she was sleeping at a holiday home in Portugal, she disappeared from her room while her parents were having dinner at a nearby restaurant. German authorities had earlier decided The 44-year-old, convicted in other cases, killed the girl. Nearly 15 years ago, the night he went missing, phone records showed him near the scene. Now, however, a team led by someone Former British detective, Coming to a different conclusion. A source said The sun How “They concluded that Christian P. Madeline could not have been abducted.” It was 30 minutes away, and there was no phone record of him being linked to Priya da Loos on the lucky night. “

New investigation led by former Surrey Police Detective Mark Williams-Thomas, New witnesses are said to have been discovered and identified in Portugal and Germany “Standing stranger” For Brickner.

It is worth noting that this is a program dedicated to all the details of the disappearance of the little model. “Madeleine McCann: Investigation of Prime Suspect” The main suspect is “set” around Christian Brigner.

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